Securing the ‘Everywhere’!

Date:  May 10th / Time:  3-6 PM followed by a Networking Hour from 6-7

Location:  Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (Address: 600 Atlantic Ave #100, Boston, MA 02210)

As we all are aware, the security landscape is ever shifting which requires constant evolution by the practitioners charged with protecting their organizations from cyber threats and malicious actors. These days that means taking a secure everywhere approach – a three dimensional look at our access points (physical, logical, virtual) and our multi-layered networks: network interfaces, internet, transport, applications and humans.

  • What exactly is the internet of everything (IoE)?
  • How does this relate to the Internet of Things (IoT)?
  • How do we effectively build upon our existing foundations in a way that supports our future growth and needs?
  • Does layered security still work?
  • Are there new technologies that we should consider?

Join our keynote speakers, Joshua Corman and Liran Chen, along with our expert panel for this practical session where we’ll explore these questions and more.


Speaker Bios:

Joshua Corman is a Founder of and Director of the Cyber Statecraft Initiative for the Atlantic Council.  Corman previously served as CTO for Sonatype, Director of Security Intelligence for Akamai, and in senior research & strategy roles for The 451 Group and IBM Internet Security Systems. He co-founded @RuggedSoftware and @IamTheCavalry to encourage new security approaches in response to the world’s increasing dependence on digital infrastructure. Josh’s unique approach to security in the context of human factors, adversary motivations and social impact has helped position him as one of the most trusted names in security. He is also serving as an adjunct faculty for Carnegie Mellon’s Heinz College and on the 2016 HHS Cybersecurity Task Force.


Liran Chen has over 20 years of technical Sales leadership in the IT Security space, currently serving as Director of System engineering at ForeScout.  Prior to ForeScout, he ran the global sales engineering team at RedSeal Networks and served as a Security Sales Executive at Cisco systems. At Internet Security Systems (acquired by IBM), Liran led the IBM/ISS East region technical sales and served as the technical authority, focused on large strategic fortune 50 accounts in the financial district.  Prior to IBM/ISS, he served as the global CTO at Spearhead Security, evolving the direction of the NetGap product line family. Prior to SpearHead, Liran managed a security consulting group at Netcom, now a part of Malam and is the largest Cisco Reseller in Israel. Liran started his Career at the Israeli Military serving at Unit 8200 as captain / architect of large ASP and evangelizing cutting edge technologies. Liran graduated from University of Tel-Aviv with EE in communications and networks

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Speaker Materials

Earn CPEs at SecureWorld PLUS Summer School at Boston University July 12-13, 2017

CISM Certification Training – 15 CPE credits

The CISM exam covers four information security management areas, each of which is further defined and detailed through Tasks & Knowledge statements. These areas and statements were approved by the CISM Certification Committee, and represent a job practice analysis of the work performed by information security managers as validated by prominent industry leaders, subject matter experts, and industry practitioners.
Learn more here:

July 12-13 • 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Instructor: Gene Kingsley, Director of Cyber Security Operations, MA Advanced Secure Technologies

Threat Hunting & Analysis Workshop – 7 CPE credits


Threat intelligence has become the coin of the realm in fighting cybercrime. However, simply knowing who the bad guys are and what they do is not enough. You must be able to dig for actionable intelligence and apply that explicitly to your environment. Broadly speaking we call that threat hunting. Once you have determined the nature and details of threats to you enterprise you must be able to disseminate them in a manner that is understandable by both humans and machines.
Learn more here:


July 12 • 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Instructor: Dr. Peter Stephenson, Technology Editor and author of “Threat Hunter” Blog, SC Magazine

Designing and Building a Cybersecurity Program Based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework – 7 CPE credits

This course provides a detailed plan for designing and building a cybersecurity program based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the 20 Critical Controls.

Part 1: Creating the Model (based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework)
Part 2: Designing the Program (based on the 20 Critical Controls)
Part 3: Building the Solution (based on Design, Build, Run, and Test Guides)

Learn more here:


July 13 • 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Instructor: Larry Wilson, CISO, University of Massachusetts, President’s Office

ISACA New England Conference 2017

The ISACA New England Conference will be taking place on June 6th at the Sheraton Framingham & Conference Center. The conference will be broken out into four tracks:

  • Information Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Governance Risk & Compliance
  • IT Audit

For more details and to register, please visit:

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