Shedding Light on the Dark Web – September 21, 2017

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The following guests will share their insights and guide our panel discussion:

  • Guy Nizen, CEO of Intsights:  Intsights is an intelligence driven security provider offering a subscription-based service which delivers rapid, accurate cyberthreat intelligence and incident mitigation in real time.
  • Peter Manning, Department of Homeland Security:  Peter spends his days watching what’s happening on the dark web.  Hear first-hand just what happens here!
  • Greg Squire, Department of Homeland Security: Greg spends his days prosecuting those nefarious characters that are doing business in the shadows.  How do you bring the anonymous to justice? 

If you’re not familiar with what the Dark Web is, it’s a part of the web that provides anonymous access to the Internet, specializing on allowing anonymous hosting of websites.  A place where identities and locations of its users stay anonymous and cannot be tracked due to the layered encryption system.  Due to its complexity and high level of encryption, websites are not able to track location of their users as well as the users are not able to get this information about the host. Thus, allowing users to talk, blog, and share files confidentially which makes it an ideal place illegal activities such as fraud, hacking, terrorism forums, and media exchange. (source Wikipedia)


When: September 21, 2017 from 3pm – 6pm, followed by a Networking Hour from 6pm – 7pm

Where:  Federal Reserve Bank, 600 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA

Cost: Free for Members or Students with valid ID. $20 for non-members

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